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35 Meadow Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11206

Hi Wildflower Botanica is a small-batch perfume, body care and soy candle line created by novelist Tanwi Nandini Islam in Brooklyn, NY.

Hi Wildflower NYFW Picks: Public School


Culture, Feminism + Flowers

Hi Wildflower NYFW Picks: Public School

Tanwi Nandini Islam


The Street is Style is our mantra for the meteoric duo Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow of Public School.  Their FW 2014 Collection at Made Fashion Week featured masculine and feminine looks, although for us everything hovered wonderfully in between. Awarded $300,000 in 2013 from the CFDA/VogueFashion Fund, they seemed unstoppable, but now, with their debut of womenswear woven seamlessly into their Fall-Winter 2014 collection--they've claimed their rightful place at the center of street-and-runway worthy fashion. Familiar old-school classic threads, like herringbone, twill or houndstooth, were made cool with beanies and wide-brimmed hats. Ah, the hats. It's clear that for Public School, NYC is their playground. The hats feel like Hiphop, Hasidim, Samurais; while the harnesses and holsters are pure Urban Bandit. What I love about this collection is that it shows us the infinite ways we might wear black, as New Yorkers are apt to do, but with pops of burgundy and ivory for the womenswear looks. My favorite look is the burgundy cape worn with a white miniskirt--there's something of a superheroine quality to it.

The textiles are luxurious and everyday, some sourced from Japan and Italy--but everything is made in New York.

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Photos courtesy of TheCut