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Night Blossom is a sensual, meditative and alluring combination of my favorite Indian grand flowers: Jasmine, Champaca and White Ginger Lily.  These gorgeous blossoms linger with the deep, resonant base notes of Indonesian Sandalwood and Fossilized Amber from the Himalayas. Inspired by the tradition of attar making, jasmine and roses are "steeped" in Sandalwood to produce a stirring, grounding scent, with heady florals in its heart. In this tradition, the wearer of Night Blossom channels their sensual, divine, animal and spirit nature.

Floral, Narcotic, Fresh // Feminine

Head: Neroli / Rose Absolute

Heart: Jasmine Sambac / Jasmine Grandiflorum / White Ginger Lily / Rose

Base: Indian Sandalwood / Fossilized Amber Resin / Peru Balsam / Opoponax

Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oils, essential oils, resins, absolutes, fragrance