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West Indies is inspired by the iconic Bay Rum cologne scent-- It's warm, spicy, masculine with a touch of softness reminiscent of a freshly shaven beard. This grassy, herbaceous heart--violet leaf with hints of clove and cardamom--dries into a grounding base of orris, opoponax, benzoin and vetiver. Earthy, strong and uplifting, all at once. Perfect for those of us who like to smell more like grass and wood, than flowers.

Herbaceous, Aromatic, Spice // Masculine

 Top: bay rum, atlas cedar, black pepper, wild lavender

Heart: immortelle, lavender absolute, violet leaf, cardamom

Base: Notes of orris, benzoin, vetiver and opoponax

Ingredients: Organic fractionated coconut oils, essential oils, resins, absolutes, fragrance