Wildflower Perfume Oil Sampler

The Hi Wildflower Perfume Sampler includes all 9 Hi WILDFLOWER perfume oils.

Please note that the sampler of perfume oils will be phased out by the end of Summer 2019, and replaced with an EDP sampler.

Each Perfume Oil Sampler comes with sample vials of Sándalo, Hanalei, Night Blossom, Nãmaka, Lovers Rock, West Indies, Mojave, Ancients and Mala are included. The Hi Wildflower sampler allows you to experience all of these scents in perfume oil form. Once you try each of them out, you can choose the one that best blends with your vibe and body chemistry.*

SÁNDALO: Woodsy, Spice // Unisex

HANALEI: Floral, Aromatic, Vanillic // Feminine

NIGHT BLOSSOM: Bright, White Sexy Florals, Amber, Leather // Feminine

NĀMAKA: Floral, Marine, Citrus // Feminine

LOVERS ROCK: Resinous, Gourmand, Vanillic, Amber // Unisex

WEST INDIES: Grassy, Herbaceous, Spice // Unisex

MOJAVE: Fresh, Camphorous, Leather, Wood // Unisex

ANCIENTS: Fougére, Forest, Wet Soil // Unisex

MALA: Rose, Incense, Carnation // Feminine

 *bag not included