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Is TV Losing the Race?

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We give television a lot of leeway when it comes to portrayals of people of color. We accede to the notion that it’s all about the most number of viewers, right? But as shows like Orange is the New Black prove, there is a real desire to see groundbreaking TV. But as diverse as a show might be, there is always room to make portrayals of people of color stronger. It’s interesting how much TV you can watch these days, even when you no longer own a television. With the rise of House of Cards Netflix binges, Hulu, and sites that shall-not-be-named, it’s so easy to consume everything. We’ve sifted through some of our trashy guilty pleasures on the tube to round up our favorite TV shows. Just how do they hold up when it comes to having diverse, interesting and non-tokenized characters? It’s absolutely mind-numbing how there is a total lack of representation of Asian and Native American lead actors in American television.

We’re broken down our top shows in a loose Olympian theme, you know, ’tis the season.


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